Thursday, 6 March 2008

Siemens PTI Releases Largest Upgrade to Its Signature Software

PSS(TM)E Version 31 breaks new ground in transmission planning

Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc., Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) announces the release of its largest upgrade to PSS(TM)E in history. Version 31 integrates all PSS(TM)E functionality -- power flow, short circuit and dynamics -- under one contiguous Microsoft Windows(R) shell. This process allows Siemens PTI to develop smart interfaces for seamless data exchange between PSS(TM) products including PSS(TM)ODMS and MOD(R).
The PSS(TM)E development team has incorporated a number of user-suggested features in Version 31. The introduction of "Scenario Manager," a revolutionary concept where files and data for steady state and dynamics studies are brought into one contiguous work space, eliminates the historical need to track large numbers of files.

Version 31 is now compatible with automation files developed on previous PSS(TM)E versions such as IDEV and IPLAN. The user can execute these files directly in PSS(TM)E Version 31 by simply adding a version number to the start of the IDEV or IPLAN files, thereby eliminating the re-work of automated files with each new PSS(TM)E release.

In addition to the common graphical user interface across all of PSS(TM)E and shared components, new optional algorithms are available in Version 31 including a Graphical Control Model Builder (GMB) and new small signal stability package, NEVA. Also introduced in the base product is the reliability analysis module integrated from TPLAN.

“In Version 31, you have a powerhouse of analytical capabilities required to meet the design challenges of both today's grid and tomorrow's smart grid," said Michael Edmonds, Siemens PTI vice president and general manager. "Siemens PTI shall continue its 'user-in-mind' strategy forincorporating further enhancements into the PSS(TM)E software of the future."

Source: Siemens

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