Friday, 9 May 2008

Smart move for BizzEnergy customers with the 1000th Smart Meter installed

BizzEnergy, announced it has successfully installed its 1000th Smart Meter in it's bid to deliver Smart Meters to 20% of its business customer base by the end of 2008. BizzEnergy already has advanced orders for an additional 1000 meters which it will install by the end of May.

Following successful trials of the technology throughout 2006, BizzEnergy has boosted its campaign to have Smart Meters installed with the majority of its customers. A BizzEnergy Smart Meter enables customers to track their energy consumption and costs by providing the data in half hourly segments. Each month this data is downloaded to BizzEnergy and customers can use it to see when they are using energy and identify what steps they could take to reduce their costs and environmental impact.

James Constant, COO at BizzEnergy comments: "We’re always relentless in our efforts to improve the way in which we do business, and the installation of our 1000th Smart Meter is a significant milestone for us. The fact that we have already taken orders for another 1000 meters to be installed by the end of May signifies our commitment to making this technology available now, rather than sitting back and waiting for Government mandate or subsidy. It's clear that customers no longer want or expect estimated bills, and why should they when the technology exists to make these a thing of the past? The additional visibility that Smart Meters bring means that customers are truly empowered to take more control over costs and cash-flow, whilst still doing their bit for the environment."

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