Monday, 9 June 2008

A Useful Thing Happened on the Way to the Smart Grid: the Agile Grid

Source; Energy Central

Stephen Hadden, Vice President, Plexus Research, Inc. and Shannon Messer, Senior Consultant, R. W. Beck write in Energy Central on the topic of how the emergence of Smart Grids has had other knock on benefits even if we haven’t seen the true Smart Grid just yet.

The concept of an intelligent electric utility infrastructure or "Smart Grid" is attracting wide interest among utilities, consultants, regulators, and other utility stakeholders. The widespread interest, however, is accompanied by widely differing expectations about when Smart Grid will emerge. Some consultants and vendors confidently proclaim that the Smart Grid is here or "just around the corner." Utility management and staff responsible for operating real electric systems are careful to distinguish Smart Grid fact from fiction. They understand that Smart Grid will not suddenly become available in a suite of closely bundled technologies and applications. Also, they are pragmatic about the technology needed today and in the next few years to improve distribution operations.


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