Monday, 28 July 2008

eMeter leverages VMware technology for hardware cost savings

eMeter Corporation has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) programme.

The VMware TAP programme helps technology vendors integrate their products with VMware virtualisation software and deliver timely, joint solutions to mutual customers.

Through eMeter's support of EnergyIP software running on VMware Infrastructure 3, eMeter's utility customers now have a combined solution to increase performance, cut operating costs, and achieve greener operations.

The company stated that VMware Infrastructure 3 improves business continuity and strengthens the security of eMeter's EnergyIP software. The capabilities of VMware virtualisation software and technology help eMeter customers cut costs through virtualisation and hardware consolidation resulting in reduced hardware and operating costs required to run EnergyIP.

Cost savings and benefits are realised immediately through a smaller total foot print in the datacenter including lower overall power and cooling requirements and a smaller carbon footprint enabling customers to meet their green initiatives.

Apart from providing hardware cost savings, VMware Infrastructure also provides a built-in redundant infrastructure that will meet many IT shops' high availability and disaster recovery needs.

"We are presently working on offering templates and appliances which would reduce the implementation time significantly," said Larsh Johnson, president and CTO, eMeter.

"This also fits well with the fact that EnergyIP, as meter data management (MDM) software, is a cornerstone component of the Smart Grid infrastructure and key to the ability of utilities to implement large-scale consumer energy efficiency programmes," shared Johnson.

eMeter provides software that enables utilities to realise the full benefits of their Smart Grid and Advanced Metering initiatives including demand response programs. Demand response programs have been shown to conserve up to 20 percent of electricity typically used, says the company.

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