Wednesday, 6 August 2008

IBM works on technical blueprints for smart grids

IBM is preparing a technical framework “to accelerate new technology integration into the creaky electricity distribution grid.”

This was recently shared by Drew Clark, director of strategy for IBM’s Venture Capital Group, according to CNET. The report added that the focus is on a common set of communication protocols and data formats that utilities and smart-grid start-ups can adhere to. IBM’s San Mateo-based Venture Capital Group has been charged with finding partner companies that can help the tech giant offer its customers comprehensive data center solutions.

IBM is developing a software framework for writing applications that takes advantage of the two-way communication of smart-grid technologies.

Last year, IBM facilitated a 125-home pilot study of smart-grid technology for residential users on the Olympic peninsula in Washington.

In April this year, when IBM had teamed up with Country Energy, Australia’s biggest power system operator, to develop smart grids, it was then shared that with this and other ventures, IBM is targeting a global power grid infrastructure market worth about $81 billion and estimated to grow at about five percent a year through 2010. The core element of the initiative is an open digital network that remotely senses and directs the flow of electricity, enhancing efficiency by more intelligently managing load -- the amount of electricity flowing over the grid at any given moment -- while selecting power from the most efficient local generation sources.

Among other companies, SAP is involved with SAP AMI Lighthouse Council, which is a consortium of vendors and utilities addressing business processes and use cases to support AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) to create the SAP for Utilities solution.

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