Thursday, 6 November 2008

HSBC to use advanced mini-building management system

HSBC is teaming up with energy management specialist t-mac Technologies to reduce energy consumption in its retail outlets by 20 percent.

t-mac Technologies will provide HSBC with its advanced mini-building management system (BMS) - t-mac.

By deploying the t-mac system, HSBC will be able to monitor and control the amount of energy their buildings are using.

The system gathers metering data and energy consumption information from sources of power, such as a building's air conditioning unit, lights and heating. The technology then identifies waste, with information collected into reports that can be used to gain an understanding of energy consumption patterns. HSBC will use the system to identify areas where buildings are losing and wasting energy, providing the bank with recommendations on how to cut carbon emissions and costs.

Stephen Gathergood, data centre and engineering manager, HSBC Bank, said, "The technology deployed through our partnership with t-mac is a good example of how our buildings can be more efficiently managed, without any material increase in operating costs, which enables us to continue to deliver the same value to both our shareholders and our customers."

The vendor says t-mac system works via the Internet and is therefore fully interactive from any location. In practice, when an air conditioning unit is leaking energy or operating outwith pre-set criteria t-mac will send the bank a text message or email to alert them to rectify this inefficiency. The bank can then log on to the Internet where they can, by the click of a mouse, turn down the heating or turn off the lights instantly without having to go on site.

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