Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ice Energy introduces utility-scale smart grid solutions

Ice Energy has launched utility-scale smart grid solutions for cost-effective distributed energy storage and renewable portfolio resource integration.

The company's solutions for utilities integrate its "effectively lossless distributed energy storage technology, with closed loop, two-way control, and an advanced software infrastructure to permanently reshape the load curve, and fundamentally transform energy system efficiency and reliability".

Frank Ramirez, CEO, Ice Energy said the company is poised to extend its solution to meet the large scale demand of utility companies in need of smart grid solutions to help them meet escalating peak system demand and effectively integrate intermittent renewable resources.

Ice Energy has worked with its investment partner, Energy Capital Partners, to develop a project capital and business model to immediately support large scale system deployments for utilities.

Ice Energy's solutions enable utilities to realise the full potential of distributed load management by addressing peak system cooling loads. This makes it possible for utility companies to use cleaner, less expensive off-peak power to produce and store energy for use during peak demand periods -- permanently lowering peak demand, reducing carbon emissions, and lowering the cost of service. The company says it permanently and transparently shifts cooling energy consumption to off-peak hours, with no negative impact to consumers.

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