Monday, 9 March 2009

BP Solar to work with Comverge

BP Solar has selected Comverge to develop data acquisition and deployment solutions for stored energy.

As per the agreement, Comverge’s recently announced Apollo integrated demand response platform, AMI enabling technology, and information command center technology are going to be used.

The new contract with BP Solar calls for Comverge to integrate its advanced metering infrastructure technology utilising its advanced PowerPortal In-Home Display.

Comverge highlighted that it is becoming generally recognised that, because of the uneven nature of solar and wind generation, demand response programmes can act in concert with these alternative energy supplies to `level’ capacity.

Developing interfaces that provide solar production and other system information, BP Solar will have the option to integrate demand response using ZigBee enabled intelligent thermostats and digital control units.

Onsite systems data will be acquired and communicated offsite for performance monitoring, control, utility and customer information portals, according to Comverge.

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