Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Initiative taken for new HomePlug specifications

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance, an industry-led initiative that creates specifications and certification logo programmes for using the powerlines for reliable home networking and smart grid applications, has worked on smart grid technology path.

The Alliance has completed its Market Requirements Document (MRD) for HomePlug Smart Energy.

The MRD will guide the development of new HomePlug specifications. It will help in creation of a new class of powerline communications products that offer lower cost, low power consumption while also being fully interoperable with the current HomePlug AV standard and the forthcoming IEEE 1901 standard - at data rates tailored to meet the anticipated future requirements of smart energy management.

Through its Smart Energy Initiative, HomePlug is focusing on adopting communications and networking technologies to help consumers monitor and reduce their energy consumption. It is actively collaborating with utility companies and the ZigBee Alliance to help build the Home Area Network ecosystem.

The Alliance has also announced the addition of Gigle Semiconductor, Intellon Corporation, NEC Electronics Corporation and SPiDCOM Technologies to the organisation's Board of Directors.

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