Wednesday, 3 September 2008

ADDRESS research programme gains momentum

Researchers at the University of Manchester and RLtec are getting associated with a £12.4 million project backed by the European Commission, looking at the use of smart electricity grids.

The development, reported by New Energy Focus, referred to ADDRESS research programme, which also includes EDF’s London-based transmission subsidiary EDF Energy Networks Ltd.

London-based technology company RLtec is privately owned and has received investment from the Low Carbon Accelerator fund.

For its part, the European Commission recently shared plans for four-year ADDRESS research programme.

The project, Active distribution networks with full integration of demand and distributed energy resources (ADDRESS), will deliver a comprehensive commercial and technical framework for the development of active demand in the smart grids of the future. reported that European project aims to develop smart electricity grids that will give consumers for the first time the ability to actively participate in energy delivery, choosing when they consume their energy as well as giving them the opportunity to supply energy into the energy grid.

The ADDRESS includes 25 partners from 11 European countries spanning the entire electricity supply chain, qualified research and development bodies and manufacturers. Their efforts will be coordinated by ENEL Distribution. The project is expected to last for four years and cost EUR 16 million, of which EUR 9 million is being provided by the EU. It runs parallel to the vision of the European SmartGrids Technology Platform.

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