Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Genesis Energy signs contract with NGC Metering in New Zealand

Genesis Energy is set to introduce latest metering services in New Zealand, marking an end of 60-year old technology. The company has signed a contract with Vector’s NGC Metering for the same.

With this initiative, Genesis Energy’s 500,000 residential and business customer accounts will have their existing analogue meter replaced with a new digital meter, which will be connected wirelessly to Genesis Energy’s Customer Information Systems. This process will get over in five years. The company says its investment in back-office technology has given it the ability to take immediate advantage of new advanced metering technology.

Genesis Energy’s chief executive Murray Jackson said, “Not only are advanced meters less intrusive, in time they will give customers the ability to see their daily consumption in graphical formats. They will begin to get a much better understanding of how much energy they are consuming and when they are consuming it. This is a powerful new tool for the people of New Zealand to manage their personal energy use.”

The commercial arrangement between Genesis Energy and NGC Metering also meets the long term policy requirements of the New Zealand Energy Strategy, which promotes demand side response and the efficient use of energy. The Electricity Commission (EC) has provided an advanced metering policy in line with the Government strategy outlining key drivers for an advanced metering infrastructure after consultation with the industry. Genesis Energy’s contract with NGC Metering is consistent with the EC policy.

The new meters will be owned by NGC Metering, a part of New Zealand energy infrastructure group Vector. Vector will provide the information services in association with Advanced Metering Services (AMS), a 50:50 JV with Siemens (NZ). In October 2007, Vector had formed this JV with Siemens to deliver advanced metering technology and operational services to customers throughout New Zealand.

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