Friday, 17 October 2008

Alcatel-Lucent helping energy suppliers in supply chain management

Alcatel-Lucent is working with a number of major energy suppliers on delivering smart grids.

The focus is on networks that provide enhanced visibility of energy flows, more granular control of energy, pro-active real-time monitoring and enabling rapid and accurate reaction to disruption of supply when it occurs.

According to the company, the move to a distributed generation of supply was being encouraged by increased regulatory emphasis for renewable energy. Changing patterns in energy demand also are fostering the movement, it pointed out.

It added that this is happening against a background of less flexible infrastructure, in an industry where pipelines and supply networks lifecycles are measured in decades, while rapid changes in communications and IT are happening in months.

"Smart grids, or intelligent energy networks, are all about maximising asset efficiencies and control right down to the individual consumer. The goal is to increase efficient energy use and better manage supply to meet demand," said Francois Loubry, VP of Energy in Alcatel-Lucent's Services business.

It is also focusing research and development resources into new methods of energy distribution that address the major environmental issues facing the world.

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