Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hitachi and Carina to jointly provide utility information solutions over GPON

In a collaboration expected to result in new revenue sources for utility companies, Hitachi Telecom (USA) is partnering with Carina Technology to provide utility information solutions over gigabit passive optical network (GPON).

The two companies are to offer the complementary advantages of reduced operational expense and increased revenue potential to utility companies that provide FTTP services using GPON technology. This combination can be achieved via:

- Operational savings through the real-time ability to read customers’ electric meters automatically, manage in-home devices for efficient management, manage pre-paid electricity service, and conduct peak demand power management functions over the FTTP infrastructure.
- Revenue generation from triple-play services, including video, data and voice and other applications that can be transported by the GPON network.

In this application, the CarinaPoint Ethernet Metering Device (EMD), which is connected to the Hitachi AMN1220 GPON system’s Optical Network Terminal (ONT) via Ethernet, resides in a collar base mounted between the residential electric socket and the electric meter at the customer’s premises. The CarinaPoint EMD is connected to the Hitachi AMN1220 GPON system’s Optical Network Terminal (ONT) via Ethernet.

Meter and management data is exchanged in real-time via the GPON network between the meter and the utility’s information systems. The AMN1220 ONT can also be powered externally from the CarinaPoint collar base, which reduces FTTP installation cost and speeds deployment.

In the context of efficient energy solutions, Carina emphasised that broadband will be essential for utilities to provide the sophisticated distribution and management capabilities.

Jay Newkirk, chief executive officer, Carina said, “Because of the bandwidth capability of FTTH, we can bring this sophisticated digital grid to life today rather than 5-10 years from now.”

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