Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Accenture to forge connection between utilities and city authorities

Accenture has taken an initiative to accelerate the introduction of smart grids by connecting utilities and city authorities that are committed to deploying the same.

Called The Accenture Intelligent City Network, the initiative connects utility executives and metropolitan leaders to exchange knowledge and practical experience related to planning, challenges and advantages of smart-grid technology.

The focus will be on creation of blueprints for the deployment of smart grids, including the integration of smart grids with broader investments in intelligent infrastructures, such as smart buildings and transportation, as well as new technologies and emerging standards.

Accenture believes that city authorities are in the best position to coordinate with the public- and private-sector stakeholders to transform the energy consumption habits of local communities.

Initial members of the Accenture Intelligent City Network include Xcel Energy, East China Grid Co., a Chinese transmission company; Russian Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre (MRSK of Centre), which will be creating an “intelligent” city in Belgorod in collaboration with the regional government; Dutch utility Alliander N.V. and the City of Amsterdam.

Mike Carlson, Xcel Energy’s vice president & chief information officer, said that energy management, customer service and environmental management strategies can all be enhanced with smart-grid technologies and through a partnership between utilities and city and state regulatory leaders.

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