Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Getting a quick response during utility infrastructure outages

SkyBitz has worked on a solution for disaster recovery teams to get a quick response during utility infrastructure outages.

The solution, based on SkyBitz’s Smart Sensor Tracking management solution, allows utility companies to leverage real-time information about the location, status and environmental conditions of their assets. This includes the deployment of teams to remote locations during network outages, as well as efficient selection, retrieval and redirection of assets.

The disaster recovery solution provides an active communication channel between critical mission command and control systems and teams and assets in the field through bi-directional messaging capabilities. The SkyBitz satellite-based solution has a ubiquitous coverage and operates in remote areas that lack terrestrial coverage.

The solution can be used to comply with FEMA cost recovery requirements.

According to the company, the SkyBitz solution is available and compliant with the objectives of the recently signed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Title XIII funding for smart grid and improvements for reliability and recovery from disruptions and integration of renewable generation.

The company believes that initiatives like smart grid, automated metering infrastructure and demand response can all benefit substantially from investments in remote asset management, condition monitoring and metering.

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